History of Heisei-Kotohime
2012     Mar. 31st  Debut live concert at Akihabara Dress Akiba Hall.
Apr. 30th   First Hideco Festival at Inokashira Park. First outdoor live concert.
May 3rd   First solo live concert ‘Kotohime-jo’ vol.1 at Kichijo-ji NOP. Audience of 14 people.
May 6th  Surprisingly celebrated birthday of Miyu-hime on stage at Shibuya Ruido-K2. Miyu-hime cried for joy (her stage name was Ayumi Kakebayashi at that time).
Jun. 24th  ‘Kotohime-jo’vol.2 at Kichijo-ji NOP.
Jun. 30th  Surprisingly celebrated birthday of Yui-hime on stage at Ikebukuro Ruido-K3. Full of pink pen light swung by many many ‘Eihei’.
Jul. 8th  Second Hideco Festival. The weather suddenly became fine when the performance started.
Jul. 27th  ‘Kotohime-jo’vol.3. First solo live at Nagoya.
Aug.19th  ‘Kotohime-jo’vol.4 at Kichijo-ji NOP. Surprisingly celebrated birthday of Chii-hime, which made Cool Princess cry for joy.
Aug.18th and 22nd   Photograph collection by Minoru Suwa “Indies Idol Directory” was published. Heisei-Kotohime took part in ceremony.
Aug. 26th  ‘Kotohime-jo’ vol.5. Second solo live at Nagoya.
Sep. 7th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.1 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower.
Sep. 10th  Third Hideco Festival. Sunny day in late summer.
Sep.15th  Outdoor live at Kashiwa LaLa-Port. Kotohime members got off the train at wrong station, but were in time for live schedule.
Sep.16th  First live concert at Utsunomiya-city, the birthplace of Chii-hime. Enjoyed good dinner of famous local food Gyo-za.
Sep.23rd  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.2 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower. Audience of 50 people. Full house with thanks!
Oct. 6-8th  First live concert at Hiroshima, Ehime and Kurashiki. A lot of people bought Kotohime items. Thanks!
Oct.12th   ‘Hime-kai’ vol.3 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower.
Oct.14th  ‘Kotohime-jo’ vol.6 at Nagoya TAURUS.
Oct.20-21st  Took part in ‘Tamu-ken Festival’ at Awaji-Island and Osaka. First live concert at Awaji and Osaka. Enjoyed fried onion made in Awaji-Island.
Oct.25th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.4 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower (strawberry ice cream at Kami-Tower shop is Kotohime members’ favorite).
Nov.1-2nd   Live concert at Festival in Osaka City University (“Ginnan-sai”) and live haul in Osaka-city.
Nov.9th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.5 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower.
Nov.18th  First live at Ueda Theater in Nagano Pref. Enjoyed apples (Nagano is famous of apple).
Nov.19th  Took part in “Idoling Festival” at Hamamatsu.
Dec.7th  Fourth Hideco Festival at Inokashira Park in cold weather. At lunch time Miyu-hime’s sandwich was accidently stolen by crows!
Dec.14th  ‘Kotohime-jo’ vol.7 at Shibuya Glad. Audience of 148 people!
Dec.24th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.6. Kotohime members wore Santa Claus costume (first time not to wear kimono in live concert).
Dec.30th  Live concert in at Daikan-yama Loop, the last performance in year 2012.
*166 live concerts from Mar.31st to Dec.30th
2013     Jan.6th  New Year Party 2013 presented by Heisei-Kotohime. Kotohime members and fifty ‘Eihei’ went to Musasino-Hachiman-gu Shrine which was dedicated to God of triumph.
Jan.26th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.7 at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower. Kotohime members wore pyajama!
Feb.4th  First Congress of ‘Eihei’ was held at Kichijo-ji NOP.
Feb. 9-11th  First live concert at Kyoto.
Feb.14th  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.8 on St.Valentine’s day at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower.
Mar.3rd  ‘Hime-kai’ vol.9 (Hime-kai X) at Hatsudai Doors. ‘Gonin-Bayashi’, official quintet back band for Heisei-Kotohime joined in the live concert for the first time.
Mar.28th  Birthday live concert for Momo-hime at Kami Space in Akihabara Kami-Tower.
Mar.31st  One-year anniversary live concert at Akihabara Dress Akiba Hall.

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