Brief introduction of Heisei-Kotohime’s own original songs
  Darkness -Kokoro no Yami -(Darkness in my mind)


“Onegai dakara watasi wo yami kara ture dashite….(please take me away from darkness….)”. Song of darkness in the depth of human mind. “Itsu no jidai mo (In all ages)….”. Sometimes this monologue comes subsequently.
  Himawari – Aisuru Hito he-(Sunflower – to my beloved-)
  Okyaku-sama ha Santa Clause
(Lovely audience, you are like Santa Clause)
    Christmas party at any time(*´∀`*)

  Love Magic – Koi no Mahou – (Love magic)
Kotohime Washoi-Ondo!
Hommage of Japanese traditional festival song. Kotohime sings it with kimono clothing!
‘Eihei’ call “Soiya! Soiya!” twelve times and yell “Heisei-kotohime No.1!” after the first “Washoi!” call. ‘Eihei’ call member’s name when she steps forward.
After “Washoi! Wahoi!” call by Kotohime members in the main part ‘Eihei’ repeat it.
Let’s join and enjoy! \(*´∇`*)/

  Chance! – Kokoro no Hikari-
(Chance! - brightness in my mind -)
    Answer song to ‘Darkness’‘.

  Lonely End
– Hakanai Yume-
(Lonely End – Fragile dream-)
    Lyrics by Chihiro Sakuragi.

Places Heisei-Kotohime has ever been to for music performance

(February 17, 2013)


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