Let’s see and find the essence of Heisei-Kotohime!
Part 2
Heisei-Kotihime’s slogan is "Everything should begin and end with Rei (bow)". It is known as ‘ceremony of Rei’. ‘Eihei’ as well as Kotohime members join in this ceremony since live concert on May 4th 2012 at Ikebukuro Ruido-K4 (Can you imagine what happens in this ceremony? You should come to see it at live concert!).
【Kotohime Shrine】  

There is ‘Kotohime Shrine’ near ‘Kotohime-jo’ and you can try fortune paper there (Omikuji) which is hand-made by Kotohime members.
You can get one of five, ‘Momo-Kichi’, ‘Yui-Kichi’, ‘Mi-Kichi’, ‘Sakura-Kichi’, or ‘Dai-Kichi’

Kotohime members say ‘Give me five!’ in Japanese style when they meet each other.
Kotohime members always yell to each other when they start performance, Ookina-koe de se-no, egao, genki, Heisei-kotohime No.1! (“Loudly, let’s smile, let’s cheer up! We can be No.1!”).

Official quintet back band for Heisei-Kotohime, which is composed of five players, guitar, bass, drums, A.sax and trombone.

【Magic Ticket】  

You have a chance to get Magic Ticket by fortune in the solo live concert of Heisei-Kotohime. You can go to Heisei-Kotohime solo live concert for free with Magic Ticket. You are very lucky if you can get!

Let’s see and find the essence of Heisei-Kotohime!
Part 3
Kotohime members give autograph in Japanese kanji character because members love Japanese culture. When they went to Hiroshima-city to perform in the music live concert they gave autographs to local okonomi-yaki restaurant, Hassho-Nagaregawa.
【In the Kotohime-jo…】  
There lived not only Kotohime and ‘Eihei’ but also King, Minister, Nezumi-kozo , ‘Mr. Cotton’… You can see them by chance!?
Someone says Nezumi-kozo would become Minister….

Obi (Kimono belt)】
It is difficult to tie Obi when girls wear kimono, so it is common a kimono-master helps them. But Kotohime members tie Obi by themselves. Momo and Miyu put Obi on each other. Yui and Chii do each other. It takes 5 minutes to complete.
【Inside story】
It was considered that four members would be Otohime, instead of Kotohime, ‘Ryugu-jo’ (literally the palace of dragon in the sea) instead of ‘Kotohime-jo’ and ‘Urashima-taro’ instead of ‘Eihei’.


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