Heisei-Kotohime gives two different types of solo live concert, ‘Hime-kai’ and ‘Kotohime-jo’.

(literally, the party princess hosts)

Singing songs is the main performance in ‘Hime-kai’. ‘Hime-kai’ is regularly held once a month in Tokyo.

‘Hime-kai’ Vol.1  September 7,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.2  September 23,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.3  October 12,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.4  October 25,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.5  November 9,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.6  December 24,2012    Akihabara Kami-Tower
‘Hime-kai’ Vol.7  January 26,2013    Akihabara Kami-Tower
Hime-kai’ Vol.8  February 14,2013    Akihabara Kami-Tower
Hime-kai’ Vol.9 (“Hime-kai X”)  March 3,2013    Hatsudai Doors

 (literally the castle of Kotohime)

Kotohime gives various kinds of entertainments as well as singing songs.

‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.1  May 3,2012    Kihijo-ji NOP
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.2  June 24,2012   Kihijo-ji NOP
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.3  July 27,2012    Nagoya TAURUS
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.4  August 19,2012    Kihijo-ji NOP
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.5  August 26,2012    Nagoya TAURUS
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.6  October 14,2012    Nagoya TAURUS
‘Kotohime-jo’ Vol.7  December 14,2012    Shibuya Glad


Let’s see and find the essence of Heisei-Kotohime!
Part 1

【Stage costume renewal】  
Kimono-style stage costume was renewed in winter 2012 and it was became open to audience at Shibuya Glad on Dec.14,2012. Kotohime had worn colored stockings at first, then transformed to over-knee, and without stockings now.
(February 17, 2013)
【How the colors are assigned to four members?】
Every member has her own color. Pink for Yui, blue for Miyu, yellow for Mami, and red for Chihiro. Every member chose her own color by herself without any dispute.
【‘Eiehei’ T-shirt】

Every ‘Eihei’ wears ‘Eihei’ T-shirt to show the loyalty to Kotohime!
On ‘Eihei’ T-shirt, you can find pretty animated four Kotohime members which Chii-hime designed.

【Debut performance】  
Heisei-Kotohime made debut performance on March 31st 2012 at Akihabara Dress Hall. The set list at that time was:
♪ Darkness – Kokoro no Yami - (Darkness in my mind)
♪Himawari (sunflower)
Self-introduction and short talk
♪Okyaku-sama ha Santa Clause
(Lovely audience, you are like Santa Clause)
Short talk
♪Himawari (Sunflower)-
♪ Darkness –Kokoro no Yami- (Darkness in my mind)

Heisei-Kotohime had only three songs of their own when they made debut, so they sung three songs twice. In live concert Kotohime members always introduce themselves to audience in very charming way, which they have invented by themselves and are still continuously improving.


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