Heisei-Kotohime (sometimes called Kotohime simply) is new-style Japanese girls singing group. They wear kimono (Japanese traditional clothing), dance, sing a song and play unique instruments, heisei-koto which is modernized koto (koto is Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument).  Heisei-Kotohime has made debut performance on March 31st 2012 at live house in Akihabara. Heisei-Kotohime consists of four girls, Yui Kato, Miyu Satsuki, Mami Momoya, and Chihiro Sakuragi.

Heisei-Kotohime has official fun club which is named as ‘Kotohime-Jo. Fans of Heisei-Kotohime are called ‘Eihei’. The group
slogan is "Everything should begin and end with Rei (bow)". Rei is the manner for Japanese to express courtesy and gratitude to others. Heisei-Kotohime always begins and ends their performance with Rei. Heisei-Kotohime made dance and music performance on stage nearly 300 times after debut until Feb.17,2013! They give two different types of solo live concert, ‘Hime-kai’ and ‘Kotohime-jo’.

What is heisei-koto?
Koto is Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument. Japanese Koto has long history since 7-8 century and it has been modernized twice in its history. The traditional koto was modernized into Taisho-koto in early 20th century, and second time heisei-koto has been invented in 21st century for Heisei-Kotohime. Heisei-koto is light and small so that Kotohime members play it while singing and dancing.

World of Heisei-Kotohime

Once upon a time there was a castle ‘Kotohime-jo’. There lived four princesses (‘Kotohime’) who loved playing koto, siging a song and dancing. And there were a lot of ‘Eihei’ who served in ‘Kotohime-jo’ and guarded four ‘Kotohime’. ‘Kotohime’ and ‘Eihei’ lived together in the castle happily.

Kohime members go to live concert with heisei-koto in their hand and ‘Eihei’ support them. Go for it!


‘Heisei’ is the name of present era in Japan (we traditionally put the name on era in Japan).
‘Kotohime’ is literally “princess of koto ”.
Official fan club of Heisei-Kotohime is named as "Kotohime-jo".
Fans of Heisei-Kotohime are called "Eihei". ‘Eihei’ is literally “guardsman to guard noble people like princess”.

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